About Herb an’ Music

The Healing of the Nations

Cannabis and music have been cosmically intertwined since the beginning of time. Modern music and marijuana culture have enjoyed a chromatic relationship, a defiant, righteous dalliance between these once-forbidden fruits.

Herb an’ Music, a fresh new online magazine, seeks to explore this storied history between the worlds of sound art, spirituality, and raised vibration. We intend to celebrate the people, the songs, and their stories behind the music, marijuana, and movements. Our concept is an intentional, feature-based throwback to magazine journalism and topical coverage that really digs deep into our intellect and consciousness.

At the dawn of the 1900s, in the brothels and speakeasies of Storyville, New Orleans, this symbiotic connection was again sparked ablaze. Aided by reefer, Black musicians like Louis Armstrong and later Dizzy Gillespie experimented with time, rhythms, and improvisation- the earliest sounds of what would become known as jazz.

In a NYC hotel room in 1964, Bob Dylan introduced marijuana to The Beatles, not only shaping rock ‘n’ roll history, but also helping to ignite the counterculture revolution. The Summer of Love and Woodstock remain emblematic of these times; while the odyssey of the Grateful Dead continued the permeation and evolution of these communities and consciousness for three decades.

“Every time I smoke herb, my imagination is burning and I’m writing my best music… Herb is for the ills of man. It’s the healing of the nations.”


Rastafarians believe that ganja is the biblical tree of life for the healing of the nations.

Iconic reggae trio The Wailers were among the first musicians to openly embrace Rastafari and smoking herb. The spiritual connection between cannabis and music were again crystallized, then further amplified through the hymns and riddims of reggae music and it’s voluminous diaspora. With its extensive global influence, hip-hop music & culture has proudly beat the drum and carried the cannabis baton into the 21st century.

With Herb an’ Music, our focus will be on artisans and musicians, movers and shakers, individuals and collectives, all connected to cannabis culture, holistic nutrition, health/wellness, the culinary arts. Plus ganja feature articles, interviews and multimedia relative to social justice work and developments in the cannabis space.

Wellness to consciousness, turntable, trumpet to nyabinghi, and from seed to a tree, Herb an’ Music will humbly offer a hub of connectivity, well of storytelling, a space for education and uplifting vibration, and portal to the healing of the nations.

Michael Allegretto

An entrepreneurial spirit and live event producer, with a career spanning four decades. Involved in cannabis culture since the mid 70’s. Expansive background in music festivals, live entertainment and the arts. Production management with high profile events including Summer Olympic Games, feature films Good Will Hunting, The Crucible, and Amistad. As an inspiration, launched the Herb an’ Music project.

B. Getz

Music journalist/culture reporter for over 20 years. Host of The Upful LIFE Podcast. Published extensively on Live for Live Music, JamBase, Everfest, Fest300, and more. Created and operates Upful LIFE, an online music-culture archive of feature articles, artist/festival/label PR, and live music media. Groundbreaking coverage at festivals including Bear Creek, Symbiosis, Suwannee Hulaween, Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Lightning in a Bottle, Global Eclipse Gathering, among others. Based in the Bay Area.

Nicholas ‘ZOOLOOK’ Da Silva

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of IRIE Magazine. Nicholas Da Silva is the founder and creative director/producer of ZOOLOOK and the creative mind behind the critically acclaimed graphic novel series, ‘Dread & Alive’. He is currently working on the next story arc from the series titled ‘Nine Night’!