Serious Times | Selwyn Brown of Steel Pulse with Roots Ensemble

Herb an' Music | Selwyn Brown - Serious Times

Selwyn is renowned as a founding member, keyboardist, singer, songwriter, producer, and workshop director of reggae artist, Steel Pulse. Born in London to parents Simeon and Dezrene who migrated from Jamaica, Brown moved to Birmingham in the early 1960s. With Steel Pulse, Selwyn composed the following hits: ‘Babylon Makes The Rules’, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, ‘Melting Pot’, ‘Love This Reggae Music’, ‘Stay With The Rhythm’, ‘Soul of my Soul’, and co-writer of ‘House of Love’.

‘Serious Times’ is a song I wrote initially over 20 years ago. It was based on my observation of the cultural, spiritual, social, political, and environmental climate in the world at that time.

I rebuilt it with my friends in the B’ham UK based Roots Ensemble band and added verses to include the world climate of the last few years. One of my fondest recollections of that time (mid 90’s) was witnessing how the Rastafarian Culture and philosophy had grown from it’s humble (and long-suppressed) beginnings in Jamaica to be embraced by people everywhere from all races, backgrounds.

Herb an’ Music invites you to purchase or stream ‘Serious Times’ by Selwyn Brown of Steel Pulse and featuring Birmingham’s Roots Ensemble, out now on all major platforms.

“Thanks again to everyone who shared their time and talent on this project and much Love to everyone in these times. Take care, stay safe and Jah Bless you all” – Selwyn Brown